Easy Pia​​​​no Lessons For Kids

It's a dream for most to play the piano, PianoForKids and HomeSchoolPiano
make it EASY
to become a reality.

Learn Piano Now In Just 30 Minutes a Week!


 Henry Allain 

 Riverside Piano, Riverside, CA 


Willie Myette and his JazzKids® concept are winners. Every student had a good time and learned several techniques for improvisation. Willie has a keen sense for what each student is capable of doing and within a few minutes knows just how to approach them to keep them comfortable and receptive. Each student young and older indicated they would like him to return. They especially enjoyed the jam session at the end of the workshop. As an educator, I highly recommend the JazzKids Workshop for your community.

Learn Using My 6-Step Process:

  • Technique – where you’ll learn how to play faster and more accurately
  • Rhythm – think you have bad rhythm? You won’t after these lessons!
  • Ear Training – train your ear to hear melodies, rhythms and chords with ease
  • Reading – learn how to read music faster and learn how to create your own accompaniments
  • Song – learn to play really fun songs that are catchy and turn heads
  • Improvisation – unlock your creative side and create your own music